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Digital Assets 2.0: All-Weather Portfolio Construction Masterclass

Next Thu Sept 14 at 2pm ET we are hosting a Masterclass with Amphibian Capital - a diversified portfolio of the world’s leading crypto hedge funds.

Want to learn how to construct a Digital Assets All-Weather Portfolio designed to generate returns in the current bear market while at the same time capturing the potential upside of a future bull market?

Join us for this live webinar on Thursday, September 14th at 2pm EST - Save Your Seat.

What we will cover:

  • Pioneering the future: new market opportunities in crypto, blockchain, and AI

  • Why we are bullish on Digital Assets for a potential 2024/2025 bull cycle

  • Why we believe we have hit the local bottom for BTC and how historically investing during bear markets has created the greatest risk-adjusted returns

  • How to create safer risk-adjusted yield on top of BTC & ETH

  • Digital Assets long-term perspectives: review of institutional adoption, regulatory shifts, key innovation and trends, and market cycles and opportunities to determine how to position investments accordingly

  • How to build an all-weather Digital Assets portfolio that is uncorrelated to other assets and mitigates the majority of risks prevalent in Digital Assets

  • How to allocate Digital Asset versions of market-neutral, delta-neutral, blue-chip, venture capital and liquid-long strategies within your portfolio

  • Amphibian risk management: advanced risk management practices tailored for Digital Assets including custom frameworks, quantitative methods, hedging strategies, and disciplined decision-making

  • How to professionally outsource the due diligence, investment selection, and risk management of Digital Assets using Amphibian Capital

Who is presenting: 

Our friends at Amphibian Capital - James Hodges, Ivailo Jordanov and Todd Bendell with over 30+ years of combined digital assets experience, will be hosting.


  • For large ETH and/or BTC holders

  • For accredited investors

  • For institutional investors

  • For portfolio managers inside hedge funds or family offices

  • For financial advisors advising HNWIs

About Amphibian Capital: Amphibian Capital is a Digital Assets fund of funds investing in the world’s leading Digital Asset hedge funds. We have researched 500+ funds, vetted 100+, and constructed a portfolio with the top 15-20 based on a proprietary diligence process and algorithm. This provides accredited investors and institutional allocators with the ability to gain diversified digital asset exposure with one investment. Amphibian Capital offers USD, BTC, and ETH denominated funds.