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ETH Whales: How to Invest Your ETH Stack

Join our Webinar on Thu Sep 15, 2022. If you're a large ETH holder, don't miss it!

ETH Whales: How to Invest Your ETH Stack

Join our Webinar on Thu Sep 15, 2022. If you're a large ETH holder, don't miss it!

Amphibian Capital recently launched the Amphibian ETH Alpha Fund an Ethereum-denominated crypto quant fund of funds. The fund offers a new way for accredited investors and institutions who are large holders of Ether (ETH), to invest in a portfolio of ETH trading funds that pay out returns in ETH. We will be giving a webinar on this topic on Thursday. You can learn more and register here.

Thursday, September 15, 2022‍12pm PT / 3pm ET / 7pm GMT55 minutes on Zoom / Register herePresented by Ryan Allis: Publisher of Coinstack & Partner at Amphibian Capital

All registered attendees will receive a copy of the presentation deck and recording in case you can’t attend live.

What You Will Learn in the Webinar

  • Why we are bullish on Ethereum for the 2024/2025 Bull Cycle following the move to Proof of Stake and a reduction in ETH supply

  • What we recommend large ETH holders (100+ ETH) do to invest their ETH holdings over time

  • Whether you should HODL your ETH, stake your ETH, or invest your ETH in Ether-denominated trading funds

  • How we evaluated 250+ funds, vetted over 25 that were ETH-denominated, and selected 8 for our fund of funds, the Amphibian ETH Alpha Fund

  • How we found 8 world-class ETH-denominated quant funds – combining them into one fund of funds vehicle accredited investors can invest in with a single allocation

  • How the funds generate returns in excess of the price performance of ETH through derivative selling, algorithmic trading, and machine learning

  • The historical results from the 8 selected funds that make up our fund of funds (they are very good).

  • Where the fund is at so far (10k ETH committed)

  • Details on the next opening for accredited investors to invest in the ETH-denominated fund


This webinar is tailored to large ETH holders, accredited investors, institutions, family offices, hedge fund managers, wealth advisors, and RIAs.

  • For ETH holders

  • For institutional investors and accredited investors

  • For hedge funds or family offices

  • For financial advisors advising HNWIs

About Amphibian Capital: Amphibian Capital is a crypto quant fund of funds investing in the world’s leading crypto quant funds. We have researched 250+ crypto funds, vetted 50+, and selected the best based on a proprietary scoring system, providing accredited investors and institutional allocators with the ability to gain diversified crypto quant fund exposure with one investment. Amphibian Capital offers a USD-denominated fund and an ETH-denominated fund.

About Coinstack: Coinstack is a weekly newsletter for the institutional crypto market, covering the rise of programmable money, smart contracts, distributed computing, web3, and the creation of an open, efficient, and transparent global financial system as all financial assets become tokenized and begin trading on 24/7 markets during this decade.