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Institutional Alpha Straight to Your Inbox

1995 Digital Asset Research delivers institutional quality research and alpha opportunities to it’s subscribers every week.

1995 Digital Asset Research: Firm Purpose

Our mission is to illuminate the genuine opportunities within this asset class, which is especially crucial in an era marked by inflation, wage stagnation, and global currency debasement. We believe in the profound economic impact of crypto and strive to guide our readers through this transformative journey.

Our expertise extends beyond identifying opportunities; we also understand market cycles and timing. Inspired by the legendary speculator W.D. Gann, we focus on time as a critical market factor, enabling us to predict market movements with remarkable accuracy. Our precise calls include the March 2023 banking crisis low, the October stock market low, and subsequent all-timeall time high predictions.

Our premium subscription offers comprehensive market insights, including weekly outlooks, cycle overviews, specific dates for major market turns, and curated altcoin watchlists. Subscribers gain access to chart reviews, daily analysis, NFT coverage, and more. Our goal is to equip readers with the knowledge to navigate the market effectively, ensuring they capitalize on opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

Past Performance

Our early predictions included the MEME coin super cycle, which we identified well before the market frenzy. In February 2023, I emphasized the significance of meme coins, likening their social, economic, and financial impact to nothing we've seen before. While others now tout memes as top performers, our readers had already capitalized on these opportunities.

–“I believe the meme coin casino is an opportunity that is not to be overlooked as it has developed into a social, economic, and financial phenomenon of the likes which we have never seen before.” - The Best Risk to Reward Opportunity You May Ever See, February 2023

Our track record includes significant successes like MOG's 5,000% rise, since we told readers about it

NPC another 5,000% gainer given to subscribers

and TOSHI's 35x increase following our recommendations. We cater to various risk appetites, offering watchlists ranging from small caps to large caps, all delivering market-beating returns.

For instance, we recommended FREN PET, an emerging on-chain crypto game, at $0.77, which recently hit over $16.00. Our picks like Solana and FET also saw substantial gains well into the triple digits. These success stories exemplify the potential within crypto, a narrative often overshadowed by mainstream financial media's portrayal of crypto as inherently risky.  

In the summer of 2022, amidst the aftermath of the LUNA, 3AC, Celsius, and Voyager collapses, we launched our first newsletter. Crypto seemed all but dead, and many advised us to abandon ship. Despite lacking a Wall Street background or formal financial certifications, we were convinced that the bear market was the dawn of an extraordinary financial opportunity.

– “What I saw, and still see, is the biggest opportunity of our lifetimes. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in a brand new multi-trillion dollar asset class that has emerged essentially out of thin air.” - Welcome to Digital Asset Research, July 2022

Institutional Level Research 

We understood two critical aspects that eluded many investors: the transformative potential of crypto in the digital era and the significant miscommunication of its opportunities and risks by Wall Street and mainstream media. Despite skepticism and a lack of understanding from those around me, we began writing about the real potential of crypto and on-chain investing, aiming to enlighten people from my small-town in the midwest.

In our inaugural letter, we foresaw the resurgence of crypto. While our early efforts reached a modest audience, they laid the groundwork for what would become 1995 Digital Asset Research. Over the past two years, we have honed our approach to uncover industry-transforming ideas before they hit the mainstream, helping investors capitalize on the untapped potential of the crypto sector. 

We're confident in our research and offer a money-back guarantee if subscribers don't recoup their initial investment within three months. Many early subscribers have reported substantial profits, with some earning six or seven figures.

Our current offer allows new subscribers to access premium content at a significant discount. Join us and gain unparalleled insights into the crypto market, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and make informed investment decisions.

Embrace the opportunity to transform your financial future with 1995 Digital Asset Research. Join us today and be part of a community that understands and capitalizes on the true potential of crypto.