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Institutional ETH and BTC Adoption + Yield Generation

Tuesday June 25 at 12:00pm EST we are hosting a webinar with Amphibian Capital - Institutional ETH and BTC Adoption + Yield Generation June Briefing

We're transitioning into the "Institutional era" for Digital Assets.

The market is witnessing a swift evolution following the approval of BTC and ETH spot ETFs.

The market and technology are evolving rapidly, and with Amphibian Capital's global footprint, we are here to update investors on the latest developments.

Tuesday, June 25th at 12p ET.

55 minutes on Zoom

Link provided upon registration via email/text

In this briefing, you will learn:

  • The latest news and updates across the Digital Assets ecosystem in June 2024

    - Key developments and performance of BTC and ETH ETFs

    - Recent regulatory changes and their implications

  • Understanding global institutional interest and the path to Digital Assets becoming a mainstream asset class

    - Insight into the regulatory landscape and potential impacts of upcoming U.S. elections

    - Analysis of institutional adoption and investment strategies

  • Ethereum restaking and key protocols

    - Overview of Ethereum restaking and significant protocols like Eigenlayer

  • Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions and earning BTC yield

    - Introduction to scaling solutions and methods for earning yield on Bitcoin

  • Market trends and insights
    - Price analysis and predictions for BTC and ETH

    - Notable market movements and institutional strategies

Your Webinar Hosts

Who this is for?

  • For Large BTC/ETH holders

  • For institutional investors and accredited investors

  • For family offices

  • For portfolio managers inside hedge funds

  • For financial advisors advising HNWIs